The Race Is On...

When I first brought this idea to our publishers, they were skeptical to say the least... I was told in no uncertain terms that investors didn't want to hear about this.

I wrote up my report anyway.

It was on the South African mining industry, and I was recommending platinum. Here's the story in a nutshell.

South Africa had been chosen to host the 2010 World Cup, and there was a huge boom in construction and the economy at large. But I had my doubts. South Africa has a history of underinvestment in key infrastructure – like power grids – and an even worse history when dealing with unemployment and poverty.

This extended into the mining industry, which was seeing round after round of strikes. Conditions were deplorable. People were dying. As a result, the country's mining industry was on the verge of a mini-collapse.

Production of gold and platinum was taking big hits, and prices for both precious metals were climbing quickly.

Check out how gold and platinum performed since March 2010:

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Platinum has climbed $200 an ounce and gold has climbed more than $350 an ounce.

But this dynamic is just one reason I was looking at Africa. It's part of a bigger idea that's been gaining some slow traction.

I'm talking about a "New Colonization" of Africa.

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